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Summary Pragmatic MDA framework based on XSLT
Category design
License BSD License
Owner(s) olegabu


Medea is a code generation framework. It takes a UML model in XMI format from a CASE tool and generates Java, JSP and other code and configuration files. Medea takes a pragmatic approach to MDA where code generation is treated as a simple XML to text transfomation easily achieved by XSL templates written in a well known language. There are no 'engines' and no compiled code, Medea is simply a collection of XSLT templates. A library of XSL functions simplifies traversing the model in XMI format. All relevant UML constructs can be easily selected with this XSL API. Templates have been developed to generate from class diagrams: Java code, J2EE classes and deployment descriptors, Hibernate config files. UML state diagrams can be used to model web applications from which JSP, Struts and JSF code can be generated. Complete 3 tier J2EE applications can be generated from class diagrams representing entities. The front end is a web CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application.